Franciacorta, Bellavista and Gualtiero Marchesi

Franciacorta grapes

Foreward: I paid to do what I’m going to tell you about, so I wasn’t bribed. Not that you can say so for what I’m going to tell you! And I’m not a restaurant critic (and I don’t aim to become one), but I have a palate, a mouth and taste… And they are all quite well developed…

My husband is a sommelier, and with the Italian Sommelier Association we went, this Saturday, to visit Franciacorta, Bellavista wine cellars, and to lunch chez the most universally acclaimed Italian chef, Gualtiero Marchesi.
It wasn’t our first visit to Franciacorta, neither our first tasting of Bellavista.
The cellars are huge and very interesting. The tasting a bit less, as we tasted just one wine (the Francicorta brut, a basic product) and everybody would have loved to taste at least three different wines. If not, what’s the use of a wine cellar visit with sommelier???
Then, the lunch.
I cannot say we didn’t eat well, because everything was very good and really well cooked (well, not really everything). And being there in a big number (50) we hadn’t à la carte menu, but a fixed menu, so I won’t judge everything from that.
But… I expected more. Because, honestly, if you are a universally acclaimed chef you should ALWAYS be at your best, even if you serve the same menu to 50 chatting people. And even if this menu is average (well, you, chef, did the menu, so…)… And, honestly, being humble never killed anyone, but I already know the super mega duper ego of the chef… I do not justify it, though…
Leaving alone the whole menu, as first course we had the glorious, famous, worldly acclaimed Saffron risotto with golden sheet.
It was a good risotto, non the less, but not the most spectacular risotto I ever had (about which I won’t speak, because I will ramble about another acclaimed Italian chef who’s just able to make a good risotto (so he’s a chef working in Milan, do you assumptions!), but uses store brought mayonnaise, and that’s not the case, if not I get nasty comments, like “who the hell are you to judge?” (nobody, just a paying costumer! And I can assure you it wasn’t a bargain!) and stuff like that, and that really piss me off)…
And the second course, roasted lamb, well, sorry, mine were slightly overdone…
Well, and the wine matched with the menu weren’t memorable…
The bread, actually, was amazing!!! Best bread I had in a restaurant!!!
Full set of picture here

Anyway, a good day, wonderful company on the table (we really had fun! And there were even three Chinese, who loved everything and they were very nice! And Edoardo e Mariangela whom were real fun to chat with!!!), and Franciacorta surroundings are always breath taken…

Maybe I’m too spoiled… I don’t know! This job I’m doing it’s spoiling me! I’m not easily amused any more! 😉


  1. Silvia

    Next time you go to Erbusto be sure not to miss a visit to the restaurant “La Mongolfiera dei Sodi” and try its wonderful FiorentOna.

    P.S. ask for Luigi and say bye to him from “bravabravamariarosa”!

  2. Annemarie

    I hate disappointing meals, especially ones that promised to be good (and then cost a fair amount of money!).

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