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yule log

I know, I’m late, but I had permission from Ivonne, as I spent Christmas at my in laws, whom live in the French countryside, in Aveyron, near Roquefort (actually more near Saint Affrique, but Roquefort is a bit more known! Or at least its stinky cheese is!) and they do not have any internet connection, either in the house or in the near by villages! So I had permission to publish everything when I was coming back! And here I am!
I did the yule log for a little party among friends with whom I share the office, the 15th December.
I was quite afraid: the yule log (or Bûche de Noël) is a great nightmare for my French family (in Italy we don’t have it as a tradition, so nobody ever attempt to do it!). The grandma of my husband try to do it for her newly wed first Christmas and failed, badly failed! For a French is a real disgrace to fail in the kitchen! (of course there are French absolutely incapable of cooking anything, but they are rare!) We do not really know what went wrong, if the chiffon cake was overcooked or the cream with too little butter, or because she put it in the barn instead of the already stuffed fridge… May be the latter, but it’s many many years they are telling me this horrifying story… No wonder I was afraid!
But nothing bad happened! On the contrary, it was a big success!
I love making every single part of it, eve if I wasn0t really pleased how my butter cream turned out: to airy… But that was sure my fault: I probably over mixed the white and the butter, turning the white a bit runny…

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Yule log


  1. wmpe

    I am glad you overcame your fear and made the Yule Log. I can see how it would be hard on a you French bride to fail at a Buche de Noel. Great Yule Log. It was a very easy recipe to follow. Your mushrooms are too cute. Wendy

  2. linda

    You made a wonderful log! Love that your mushrooms are so nice and small…

  3. Betty C.

    Homemade Yule logs are so delicious! I never attempt them, though — we can get very nice ready-made ones from pastry shops, so I give myself a break at this busy time of year.

  4. Dolores

    Heh… you’re not as late as I am. 🙂 Congratulations… I’m glad you found success in the yule log. And I hope you found peace and joy in your holiday celebrations. Happy New Year!

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