Lately I do not have lots of recipe… I’m not cooking anything interesting (unless you think that pasta with pesto is interesting…) and since we’ve been in Paris last weekend, we even have the fridge completely empty… I mean, right now there is only lots of cheese from a nice Parisian fromagerie in the 17th arrondissement that ages its own cheeses… And we all know how much French cheeses stinks! So, empty and stinky fridge…
And as I’m not really inspired in writing or rambling about food issues, here are the picture I never posted because I wasn’t really satisfied with or with the recipe itself…
Right now I’m wondering about which way I may differ from other thousands of food blog we all read out there… And it is not simple to find an answer to that question, but soon or later I will come up with some ideas about it…

So, here is the collage: have fun wondering what the hell they could be and why I didn’t publish them! Well, some of them were obviously ugly, some just came not the way I wanted them, some were tasteless…


  1. terry

    Hey..riposso riccommentare!
    Non ti allarmare!;-)
    Era solo per dirti che le foto mi procurano salivazione e le ricette sembrano moooltooo interessanti, magari non saran perfette di gusto ma riprova e poi facci sapere!;-)
    I bigoli coi porcini e timo…mmmm sounds good….as well the cake with feta and grapes…and that choc cake…looks wow!

    E visto che prima non riuscivo a commentare..beh mò ti dico che le ricette che posti sono una più di mio gusto dell’altra, la torta di zucca, i vari pork in stile etnico…insomma brava e keep up the good work …however u’re going to change your blog, to make it different, i’m sure it will be great, as it already is with nice pics and mouthwatering recipes!;-)

    Te l’ho detto che poi mia mamma si è fatta il coniglio alla lemon verbena più voltew finchè non ha disboscato la verbena del tutto!;-)

    Buona giornata e un abbraccio


  2. Piperita

    @Terry: ed era proprio la torta di feta e uva che non sapeva di niente… Ed era anche brutta…
    W la mamma della Terry, fan del coniglio alla verbena!

  3. ilva

    pip-DON’T TAKE WHAT HE SAID SO SERIOUSLY – who cares! Keep on bloggin’!

  4. Piperita

    I sure keep on blogging! Nasty comments don’t stop,do you think a guy from NY will????

    I enjoy blogging too much to stop!!!

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