While I’m still trying to recover from the exhaustion caused by making 15 kg of gnocchi and a crème patissière with 60 egg yolks, all I can think of blogging is something simple, for a quick bite or a “light” snack…
Mix some ricotta and some grated parmesan and beat them until you obtain a creamy mousse. Salt and pepper if needed. Spread it over a Wasa crisp bread and cover it with 2 slices of Parma ham.
The best!


  1. Kalyn

    Looks good. I haven’t had parma ham, but I hear it’s heavenly.

  2. rosso fragola

    si, niente male davvero, anzi, ottimo il Parma, come il San Daniele

    ma…Ecco…Senti Pip…Come dire…Dovrei rispondere in inglese?!

    Sarei capace di sfornare ottimi pasticci! :-))

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