Raw, part 2: chirashi, kind of

Well, the real chirashi is obviously different, better, with more fish…I’ve tried my best with what I had: it!So I used the same thin slices I used for the sushi and instead of doing little balls of the sushi rice, I put everything in a bowl, cover it with the fish and sprinkled it with

Raw, part 1: sushi, kind of

A short note on this raw posts: as you read, few days ago I bought a whole salmon of 2 kilos. I processed all that night, but as I’m lazy (and wise), I’ll give slow sips of what I did with it. This doesn’t mean I ate the fish, raw, after 1 week. It only

Daring Bakers: Lemon Meringue Pie

Ah, the American classic, the one you see in every diner in American movies! The sumptuous, meringue pie with a bright yellow cream filling!!!When I read what the new challenge would be I was really excited!!! Jen, the Canadian Baker made a wonderful choice!I began to read the recipe and I was a bit struck:

I have a new friend

(well, kind of, as it came dead in my house and now it’s resting well packed in my freezer… ;-P)I love to buy food on-line: you can find amazing stuff and they deliver everything to your door, on time, any time…I even love doing my normal grocery purchases on-line…I have only one problem: quantities… Few

Mango Verrines

I found astonishing mango: they were perfectly ripe, big, juicy and chosen by a very cute and gentle guy! πŸ˜‰And I had them there, altogether with some FRENCH petit suisse (I would like to stress on the French origin of my petit suisse, because they are creamier then the horrible one you find in Italy…),


What do you normally do to free overwhelming anger?Avoiding killing someone, I mean! πŸ˜‰ Ok, maybe beginning a list of people you hate, but I need something physical…Personally, I cook difficult recipes. Very difficult recipes…As at this very moment I’m not surrounded by my cook book collection, but I have a wider option: the world

And the winners are…

First of all the children of Lesotho, for whom we could rise, all us food blogger around the world, the wonderful sum of $91,188.00!!! And today Pim announced all the winners! Are you among them? Have you won one of the San Lorenzo hampers, EU02 or UK35??? Claim your prize!!! Write me at peppermintpatt [at]

Carrots and cumin soup

Carrots are good… Carrots are nice… Carrots are orange…And when outside everything is grey, orange CAN save you! Orange can make you happy! Then you open the pressure cooker you had used to cook everything, and you see everything orange, because the steam just burnt your finger! And life is less nice then before, but,