Mango Verrines

Mango verrines

I found astonishing mango: they were perfectly ripe, big, juicy and chosen by a very cute and gentle guy! 😉
And I had them there, altogether with some FRENCH petit suisse (I would like to stress on the French origin of my petit suisse, because they are creamier then the horrible one you find in Italy…), so, what can do more justice to this two ingredients if not a verrine?
I know that my last sentence is not really logic… But, have I ever said to be a logic or non the less coherent person??? Never! So…
What I did was just to mix petit suisse with some cream and very little sugar and spoon it in the little glasses. It everything go with your own taste: I measured nothing! I just kept trying it until it had the right creamy consistence and the right sugary taste for my own palate. You do whatever with your own! 🙂
Then I topped it with the blended mango mixed with some melted gelatine (for a big mango, 2 sheets (aka 4 g) of gelatine).
In the fridge for 3 hours.
Serve at room temperature.


Mango verrines


  1. Brilynn

    I need to get some pretty glasses so that I can make verrines that you can actually see… layering things into solid glasses isn’t much fun.

  2. Susan from Food Blogga

    This is like sunshine in a glass. How vibrant and tasty they must be!

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