Chocolate biscotti

Those are real bis-cotti, which in Italian means cooked twice. The inspiration comes from Cantucci, the world wide acclaimed Tuscan biscotti, made with almonds. Those are a little different, and they probably look like a heresy to Tuscan people 😉 They are part of my hamper for Menu for Hope (read about the whole hamper

Menu for Hope

As last year, and the three years before that, Pim is organized the biggest found rasing of the food blogosphere: Menu for Hope! Last year we raised more then 100.000 $ for the World Food Program, and this year we would love to raise even more!!! I decided to put together an Italian & French

Sablée Breton

My dear friend Sara organized a wonderful cookies swap to celebrate Christmas! She invited over some other girls, Italians, Americans, a French girl and we swapped all different kind of cookies. I brought 3 different kind of cookies: simple Italian cookies in the shape of hearts, cranberries rockies and this sablée Breton. Sablée Breton are

Dates chutney

I had many different kinds of dates around the house! Let’s state something: I do not like dates! they are too sweet, too soggy… So dates are something that only my husband eats. And as he doesn’t eat kilos of them, well, we have many around. The best way I found to get rid of

I’ve got a new blog :)

After a long period of thinking I decided to surrender to the urge I felt to write in Italian too! And here it is, brand new, and growing 🙂 Mele al forno Do not worry: I’ll never leave this blog and I’ll keep updating it for ever 🙂 Mele al forno is actually a project:

Sunday platter

The concept of brunch is not part of the Italian culture: it is imported from the Anglo-Saxon countries.In Italy we are more attached to sweet, light breakfast, and we have difficulties to have coffee as a beverage that will last for the whole lunch… But once in a while brunch is actually a very enjoyable


Ah, la vendange! This year we had the wonderful possibility to participate to a photo vendange (thanks Marco!) with other Flickr people in Oltrepò Pavese. Oltrepò Pavese is a part of Lombardy, just south of the Po (“oltre” means beyond), lavishly filled with castles, hills, and, of course, grapes! We had the opportunity to visit

Daring Bakers: pizza

Or better, the best pizza dough I’ve ever made! 🙂 As you know, I’m Italian, and for some types of food I’m so snob! One of them is pizza, no wonder! Pizza was invented in my country, and any pizza I ate out of the border of Italy were practicly disgusting! Aka, I’m a food

Salade mixte avec chèvre chaud

Yep, still here! 🙂 I haven’t blogged for 1 moth and half, doomed working too much on a new job… And I realized 3 thing: – Working too much is not worth it – I missed my blog, desperately! – Life is too short and I would love to spend most of our time having

Daring Bakers: Eclairs au chocolat

Les eclairs sans glaçage sont moche! That’s what my French husband declaired while we were discussing about this Daring Baker recipe! And who can disagree with him? Sure not us Daring Bakers! When I saw that this month’s recipe was Eclairs au chocolat I was absolutely pleased! And when I read that they were a