Daring Bakers: Lemon Meringue Pie

Lemon meringue pie, open

Ah, the American classic, the one you see in every diner in American movies! The sumptuous, meringue pie with a bright yellow cream filling!!!
When I read what the new challenge would be I was really excited!!! Jen, the Canadian Baker made a wonderful choice!
I began to read the recipe and I was a bit struck: water and not milk in the cream?
But, as usually with our daring bakers recipes, everything worked! Water in the cream, yes, as it’s lighter, and with so much lemon you do not even notice it!
The lemon scent and flavour was perfect! I do not know if it was because I used organic lemons from Sorrento, the best lemon you can find in Europe, but it was the right balance of tangy and sweet!

The friends that ate it were very pleased! And me too, even if I would preferred a harder meringue, but that’s all my fault: I’m always afraid of burning meringue!!!

Lemon meringue Pie


  1. Dharm

    Nicely done! I too found it a bit strange with no milk and didnt like so much corn flour. But it did turn out well! Well Done!!

  2. maybahay

    Sorrento lemons! hmm, i am thinking of limoncello now:-)
    your LMP looks delish. great job.

  3. Meeta

    Very nice Sara! Oh how I wish I had lemons from Sorrento – how I wish I was in Sorrento 😉

  4. Annemarie

    I like the lemon curd rather than the cream – a bit (?) healthier. Yours looks like a nice little pie that even a man could love. 🙂

  5. Big Boys Oven

    I am drooling with your LMP! how wonderful it is! You must be proud with this achievement!

  6. creampuff

    Bravissima, Sara! I love how browned your meringue got. Very well done!

  7. Mary

    your little pies look terrific! I’m always afraid of burning meringue too!

  8. Gabi

    Lovely lemon tart! Just gorgeous! I wish I had organic Sorrento lemons. mmmm.

  9. Lis

    Awww perfect lil lemon meringue tartlets, Sara! I love them!!

    I’m very envious of your lemons too! 🙂


  10. Dolores

    I’ve heard wonderful things about Sorrento lemons and hope one day to try one. Great job with the January challenge!

  11. MyKitchenInHalfCups

    Lovely Sara. Yellow yellow curd and golden meringue!!

  12. Jenny

    I’m always hasty with my meringue too. And after all of this, I wonder why diners make lemon meringue pies so often. They certainly wouldn’t last very long, and aren’t the easiest thing to make!

  13. Sheltie Girl

    You did a lovely job on your lemon meringue tarts.

    Natalie @ Gluten A Go Go

  14. Betty C.

    I have a funny story about lemon meringue pie. You know that in English, it’s pronounced practically like in French. But I had a friend in high school, otherwise very bright, who pronounced it “lemon may-rangoo” pie. When we said, “what are you saying, it’s ‘lemon meringue'” she said,”No, no, that’s something different!”

  15. angie

    Ho visto altre ricettine sui tuoi fellow daring bakers, ma la tua mi ispira di piú, la proveró!


  16. Claire

    Great job! I love the clear layers of your first picture. Glad you enjoyed it!

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