I’m high on Cannelés!

Oh yeah, they are really addictive those little treasures!!!When I was seeing them in bakeries or shop around France I never had the urge for them, but that was because I’ve never tried them!!!Then, some time ago, I saw them again here…So last time I’ve been in France I finally bought Cannelés mold (because you

Daring Bakers: Tender Potato Bread

Warm focaccia filled with Parma Prosciutto: to die for!!! Last time I’ve seen Annemarie in London, we just ended the Bostoni Cream Pie challenge, and we were a bit disappointed about our Chiffon cake turned out…Then we moved to one quite corner, and whispering, we spoke about the new challenge. She already had the time


Note: first of all thank for the sympathetic comments of you all! My last post wasn’t an adieu, but just a way to tell you that I want to find a different way to food blog! 🙂 When I was little, in Italy they were showing on tv one of the saddest movie I ever

I should have…

… so many things to say…So many recipe to write…But honestly, I’m pissed off writing recipe!I write too many for work, so I don’t find any more inspiration to write even more recipes on my own blog… 🙁The only idea of writing “150g of that and 100 g of the other one, mix together…” make

Franciacorta, Bellavista and Gualtiero Marchesi

Foreward: I paid to do what I’m going to tell you about, so I wasn’t bribed. Not that you can say so for what I’m going to tell you! And I’m not a restaurant critic (and I don’t aim to become one), but I have a palate, a mouth and taste… And they are all