A Sweeeeeet Tooth

Donna Hay is a recent discovery for me: in Italy is quite difficultto find her books and her magazines. In one ofMilan’s best bookstore, Hoepli (they have the largest collection ofcookbooks in Italian, French and English of the city), I found one ofher books translated in French, Gourmandises (Modern Classics, Book2), by one of my

I will be back, alive and kicking!

So, the situation isn’t looking so good: now even the modem is broken, so…I honestly don’t know when I will be able to come back… But for sure, just to reassure all the “nice” people that are leaving “nice” comments on my posts, I WILL BE BACK, soon…And about those “nice” people, obliging me to

Pork Friday: grapefruit marinate

I had some cheap cut of pork and no idea how to make it, so I decided to marinated in different ways (stay tuned for the others).Here is the simplest of all! Pork, diced (any cut)The juice of 1 grapefruitFew drops of Tabasco Place the diced pork in the grapefruit juice, add some drops of

Roasted fennel

Roasted fennels!

Fennels are one of those vegetables that are wonderful in every way! Raw and crispy in a nice salad or cooked and soft as a side dish, either cold or warm. I think I already spoke about it, but when I was living in England, in the late 90’s, even if Jamie Oliver was already


While I’m still trying to recover from the exhaustion caused by making 15 kg of gnocchi and a crème patissière with 60 egg yolks, all I can think of blogging is something simple, for a quick bite or a “light” snack…Mix some ricotta and some grated parmesan and beat them until you obtain a creamy

Oh my god…

First of all, sorry for the poor quality of the picture, but I took it with my cell phone in the undergroung of Milan, so it couldn’t be better…Second: translation (kind of); the upper line: vegetable become dish, the lower line: recipe n.4, wild rice in peas purèe. So, my point is: is someone even

Bakery goods?

To celebrate the first blog anniversary of a friend from Veneto living in Spain, I came out of the lethargy imposed by a big event I catered, and make those Venetian cookies. Happy blog birthday Cannella!!!I know: they are not rounded, so they are not strictly cookies, but neither are biscotti, because they are not

The lost pear

I had some pears in the fridge and, honestly, they had been there for some time. I didn’t know what to do with them. I didn’t even know what kind of pears they were, but they surely looked like William…Anyway, I needed a recipe for one of those days when you would like to cook,

I’m French, I eat rabbit

Mirto (myrtle) is a Mediterranean shrub found more particularly in Sardinia, its berries are used to prepare a local liqueur but they are also dried to be used as aromatic herb. They do look like juniper berries but have a less pungent and sweeter aroma, more like blackcurrant, and they are perfect with the rabbit.For