What will I eat tonight? We will begin with…

I do not like to celebrate New’s year eve in the traditional way, with a big party of people, but rather low key, just with my husband, and at most (very) few friends.This year it will be only the three of us, and as my husband is coming back from France tonight I was alone

What will I eat tonight? And then we will go on with…

Valeriana with smocked duck breast, apple and Jamaican pepper Do I have to explain how I made it??? Of course I didn’t spend the last years of my life breading, stuffing and smocking my own duck… So, just buy everything and toss all together, with a nice vinaigrette of your choice!

What will I eat tonight? First course

Puy lentils and myrtle soup with steamed clamsTraditionally in Italy we eat lentils on New’s year eve because we think they will bring a lot of money during the year that it’s just beginning! Who I’m I to go against popular believes??? 300 g of Puy lentils100 g of smocked pancetta, diced2 shallots, diced1 tablespoon

What will I eat tonight? The dessert

Lately I’m not really inspired for desserts… Mostly because the house is still full of panettone and pandoro…So, this is another way to recycle pandoro: Pandoro pudding!Of course if you don’t burn it, like I did (and just because I was updating the blog in the meanwhile!!!) it’s much better!!! 2 eggs 400 ml of

Pandoro&Panettone Tiramisù

Tiramisù is one of those Italian desserts known all around the world. It’s simple and quick to make, adaptable in various ways and so so so good!!!The only “rule” you have to follow is to use mascarpone cheese. You can use ricotta, but mascarpone is the only that makes sense: if you are going to

It’s finnaly over!

Ok, now I can say it: this year I couldn’t care less about Xmas… I didn’t care about celebration, decoration, “sanctification” or any ation concerning Xmas…But finally it’s over and I can say it… I wanted to be mean, but I couldn’t (at least not as much as I wanted), I wanted to be grumpy,

Where have I been?

Well, absolutely nowhere, just here, only without any technological support… But, thanks to the incoming Christmas, all this was resolved with a simple credit card purchase…Proudly writing form my new iMac, I have almost nothing to publish, expect these little white towers of petit Suisse we brought back from our last trip in France… Keeping