Verrines, strange stuff and other food pics…

Well, verrines are absolutely at their highest in France! You see them everywhere, salted, sweet, to take away… They put inside a verrine practically anything!
And maybe in two, three, four years some “clever” Italian chef will begin to use them telling everybody how smart he is… Well, we’ll know he’s wrong!

Urban, Obernai.jpg

Now tell me: who on earth we’ll be attract by something that taste like a chewing gum or banana bonbon??? I found it quite strange to see those horrible stuff in French display, but apparently those are Mediterranean flavours…

Strange stuff.jpg

Some patisserie, just randomly taken from a BAKERY display! Understood? They sell this in bakeries in France… Try to find something like this in an Italian bakery, or even in a patisserie…



  1. Rachel Rae

    Great pics, especially the last. I love your blog by the way.

  2. Rob

    Try the bakeries in Abruzzo – they know cakes as well as the more normal tarts and biscuits there.

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