Vegetable lasagne


It’s spring, and I’m sick! Outside is beautiful all the time, sunny (except a major storm this morning!), hot, enjoyable, and all I can do is to stay inside, all covered, coughing… And so I NEED comfort food, I really do!!!
I don’t know where I found the strength to cook lasagne, not even where I’m founding the strength to write this post, but here I am! Very short: for once I’m not giving you real direction, neither measurements…
Sorry… I still love you very much, do the same with me…
Sorry: when I’m sick I tend to be sentimental… When I was a little girl, every time I got sick, I dictated my will to my mom, leaving all my possessions to my dog…


I’ve used ready made dry lasagne sheets. I made a vegetable ragù with diced tomatoes, aubergine, onion and courgette. I made my usual yoghurt béchamel.
One layer of pasta, one layer of veggy, one layer of béchamel, one layer of pasta, and so on and on….
End with béchamel, cook in preheat oven, eat and fell better…


  1. Brilynn

    I love lasagna, the cheese on top looks nice and crisp, just the way I like it.

  2. Lis

    MMmmmm!!! My favorite kind of lasagna! Your’s looks absolutely heavenly, Sara!

    I hope you feel better soon!


  3. Meeta

    Sara, I do hope you feel better soon. The lasagna looks incredible but you should really put your feet up and rest!

  4. rowena

    What a cute blog with gorgeous food photos! Just wanted to say thanks for stopping buy because now I must subscribe to you. I love your sense of humor — When I was a little girl, every time I got sick, I dictated my will to my mom, leaving all my possessions to my dog…— it’s priceless!

  5. Sara - Piperita

    @Rowena: that wasn’t humor, that was the truth!!! 😀

  6. Cheryl

    I hope you feel better soon. Your lasagna looks amazing. I am so terrible at making lasagna and having it stay together when served. I am jealous of yours.

  7. Patricia Scarpin

    Hi, sweetie, I hope you’re feeling better!

    Your lasagna looks so delicious, I love the fact that you used vegetables!

  8. Anonymous

    Mi auguro davevro che tu stia meglio! Queste vegetable lasagne sono fantastiche, e come al solito quando guardo le tue foto mi viene l’acquolina in bocca!!!! Mannaggia alla dieta!!!!! 🙂

  9. Kelly-Jane

    Hope you are feeling better soon. Your lasagne looks great, hope it nurtures you better 🙂

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