Redcurrant and peach muffins

Or better, home grown redcurrant and local peaches! When we moved in this house, one of the main plus was the garden. Coming from a 80square meter appartement in a big city, we need a real change. And so we choose a little village and a big house with a garden. And with the garden

Vive la France!

Our life is changing. We are in the middle of our big great move to France! We are going to live in a 1.000 souls village in South Alsace, near the Swiss border. We always dreamed to go back to live in France, expecially now that we have 2 small children. So here we are,

Greek cake with spinach and feta

I love Greece and every year, when summer comes, I think about it and how much I would love to go back! So I try to sunken myself in Greek recipes! This combination, feta cheese and spinach, just scream Greece, and the fillo pastry, with its crunchiness is perfect! Ingredients 1 pack frozen fillo pastry,