Sunday platter

Frittata with mushrooms

The concept of brunch is not part of the Italian culture: it is imported from the Anglo-Saxon countries.In Italy we are more attached to sweet, light breakfast, and we have difficulties to have coffee as a beverage that will last for the whole lunch…

Cooking mushrooms

But once in a while brunch is actually a very enjoyable ritual, especially on Sundays, when, even inside the city, there is that strange and wonderful silence, broke only by children screaming or bells singing…

Adding crème fraiche to mushrooms

So last Sunday we woke up late and we thought, well, why not enjoy a hot salty platter for a late breakfast, early lunch?

And so we did 🙂

Frittata with mushrooms (sautéed with a bit of butter, salt&pepper and crème fraiche at the end) and turkey sausages!

Perfect ending: cranberries scones (actually made for friends that were coming over last saturday)

Enjoy! Or better, what’s you favourite brunch plate? Share it with us!

Cranberries scones


  1. I’m actually not all that into brunch and never have been, even when I was Stateside. Except maybe for champagne brunches…

  2. I love all sorts of scones: cranberry, blueberry, raisins, but most of all, I like them plain with honey and salted butter!

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