Daring Bakers: Bostoni Cream Pie (OH, MY!)

I’m late, I know!I mean, in Italy is still the 29th October, so technically, I’m ok… But I wanted to publish it sooner, but, honestly, I was too lazy to make it before today, so, here I am, in the rush to use the last glimpses of day light! Well, I was too lazy, that’s

We are all…

… different, but at the end, all the same! Everywhere in the world…We look for the best mozzarella that can only be found in that farm, at the end of that country road, after the big tree on the left, where you see that black dog barking at you, then turn left… We look for

Strawberry jam mini brioches

Sometimes ago I became obsessed by owning a copy of Larousse des desserts (the French equivalent of a gastronomical (dessert in this case) encyclopaedia), written under the supervision of the god of all pastry men, women, child, and passionate in the world, Pierre Hermé.Stated this, I trusted the book like a bible, like the ultimate

Tell me why…

… people always feel entitled to tell me about their culinary mistakes or their (usually nasty) culinary experiments, asking for my approval???Tell me, eh, tell me: WHY??? Because most of the time I have to force a smile, and I obviously look stupid… And mean… I’m not able to lie… I mean, if I random

Sometime something different happens!!!

There are so many different blogosferes around!Sure one of the most powerful, or at least in Italy, is the blogosphere that speaks about technology (Yawn! Ops, sorry, I almost felt asleep)…The Italian average technological blogger is, of course, male, geek (just to be nice and not calling him nerd!), is among the first 100 most

World Bread Day: Sumac Focaccia Bread

Today it’s World Bread Day!!!!I consider focaccia a type of flat bread, as it is the way I eat it most of the time: if I have friends coming over and I do not have fresh bread, I knead a focaccia (my Kenwood chef knead a focaccia, to be precise), and the appetizers are saved!And

A nice slice of meat

I know: I’m neglecting this blog… I miss it!I miss to have enough time and organization to blog at least three times a week…But please: do not abandon me!!!!! 🙂 To prove you I’m alive (besides my flickr pictures!!!), kind of, here it’s one of our latest luch: a very nice slice of meat… But

My new belle

Few weeks ago was my birthday (for some insight of the crazy week-end we had, you can check out Robyn‘s pictures: she was visiting with some friends! And we had tons of fun!).I received some presents (well, better to, as I cooked dinner for 20 of my closest friends!!!): some teas, delicious lip balms and

A long working week-end

Well, working, yes, but you know, when you work for a food company and they put you in charge of organizing their events, well, work is more like fun!First, Friday night I welcome in Milan a fellow German blogger, Matthias, who’s gonna cover the German market for San Lorenzo. Then on Saturday morning we drove