We are all…

… different, but at the end, all the same! Everywhere in the world…
We look for the best mozzarella that can only be found in that farm, at the end of that country road, after the big tree on the left, where you see that black dog barking at you, then turn left… We look for that bottle of Gewuztraminer (yeah, I know I should had some accent to that!), bought in that little cellar, in the third village on the right after the second traffic light leaving Annecy, due south…
But at the end, if someone ask you which is, above all, your ultimate comfort food, well, the answers are more straightforward, more simple, more REAL!
Check it out!



  1. Gaye

    Hi Sara-Piperita
    I found your blog last week and love it. I wish I read/spoke italian so I could read everything.
    I live in the US a small town in southeast Georgia.

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