A long working week-end


Well, working, yes, but you know, when you work for a food company and they put you in charge of organizing their events, well, work is more like fun!
First, Friday night I welcome in Milan a fellow German blogger, Matthias, who’s gonna cover the German market for San Lorenzo. Then on Saturday morning we drove to Quistello, near Mantova, to eat the astonishing Ristorante Ambasciata (a full set of picture here) for this events where we invite random people from the internet to come and eat and drink with us!
Then, from there, we drove to Imperia, where San Lorenzo head-quarters are, spent the Sunday on the sea front (well, I spent it mainly in my bedroom sleeping and waking just to fetch food! Matthias went around, or so he says!) and then Monday at the San Lorenzo offices and the at the San Lorenzo warehouse (a full set of pictures here!). Then back to Milan…
In the mean while, we hit a nice good restaurant, in Imperia (pictures here): a bit too expensive, but good…

But you know, that’s working! And I’m dedicated to it!!!
Ah, so exhausting!!! 😉