Mirror cake: I couldn’t…

This time I couldn’t… And I feel a traitor…I can give you all the excuses in the world, because I’ve made it, 2 weeks ago, but I couldn’t dare taking a picture of it: it was all wrong…What the hell am I speaking about???I’m speaking about this month Daring Bakers challenge, Strawberry mirror cake.It was

Rice to the world

Today I’m slightly excited for some reasons:– I drank to much coffee in the last days so I’m easily amused and excited!!!– it’s our fourth wedding anniversary! 🙂– a friend gave me two computer programs that defining them awesome is not enough! Thanks Kikmuk!– today I’m going to lunch in my favourite Japanese Restaurant with

Bouncing off clouds

[…] Make it easyMake this easyIt’s not as heavy as it seems… And that’s what this traditional Chinese recipe is: easy… Too easy! And too good home made to go back to the greasy/chemical restaurants versions (in Italy at least!).Among the two or three different recipes I was consulting on my cook books to make

Crocchette di zucchine

Again something Greek inspired. Those simple appetisers are quick and you wouldn’t find anybody who dislike them (except my father, but that’s because he hates courgettes over anything else!). 4 courgettes 1 onion Mint leavesBasil leaves Salt and pepper 4 egg yolks Bread crumbs 100 g of grated parmesan Grate the courgettes very finely and

Summer! Summer! Summer: Greek Salad

We’ve been to Greece just once, in September 2001, and since then we would love to go back and have an extensive tour of all the islands. For which we would need more then three weeks, so we keep postponing it!!!But just to remind us how beautiful Greece is we make often, especially during summer

Gelato alla pesca

In the last six month I’ve changed so much that my friends call me “The New Sara”. And depending from the situation, with a smile, a grin or an angry face!The pro of “The New Sara” is basically that I’m nicer. Sometimes. And that I’m surrounded by waves of personal luck I’ve never noticed in

Seafood and meat Paella

Warning: this post was written by The French, my husband, as he’s the Paella maker of the house. If I receive too many praising comments I will abdicate as queen of this blog and leave you alone with him! And just to remind you: HE’S FRENCH and he has ALL the components that make French

Peach and mascarpone syllabub

I really love syllabubs: they are simple, quick, always good and looking always good!This peach, raspberries and mascarpone verrines are from a BBC Good Food insert about Summer Entertaining: so summery! So refreshing! Indeed… 😉 4 thick slices of Madeira cake (which I made, but you’ll get the recipe another time! Just for your knowledge,

Food blogger 2.0: a new specie in the world

The food blogger 2.0 is a really rare specie. It can live in every part of the world, in every environment, not only where it can find good food.It lives mainly for the purpose of its food blog: cooking and taking picture of food. It can have many interest, but food it’s the main objective

The best kept secret in food photography

What could make you the best food photographer in the world isn’t only a good camera, good lenses or style…No, no, my dearest! The best kept secret in food photography is a more than 300€ tool called Aperture: I’m trying the 30 days free trial and it already changed my life after one hour… And