Easter madness

For Easter, in Italy, we don’t decorate much… No bunnies in the courtyard, no eggs search… Just some chocolate eggs… But in France, they are mad about Easter decorations! They were everywhere!

Camargue, I love you!

For our Easter vacation we’ve been off to France: Alsace, Rhone valley and Camargue.I was long awaiting to visit Camargue, and I was fully rewarded!!! A tour along the little streets, far for tourists, surrounded by nature, birds and wild animals, altogether with unknown people that tell you how to spot a little frog on

Una nave piena piena di…

A ship loaded with… And my answer to this childish game was always: POTATOES!!!But not in this case!Here how I filled my bagels: ricotta mixed with stracchino (just because I hate average cream cheese and I prefer to make my own personal idea of it!) and grilled vegetables marinated in balsamic vinegar, extra virgin olive

Bagels, please!

I’m Italian and I’ve almost ever lived in Italy (if you take off some month in France and some others in England…). And that should be enough to explain you which kind of relationship I can have with bagels: none! I’ve seen them in movies, on tv, but I’ve never ate a REAL one in

Torta al cioccolato e pistacchi

About once a month we dine with a couple friends of ours. We host alternately and each time we try our best and most extravagant recipes to please each other: we always try something new, from a different country, a challenge for the palate and the cook’s skills (me and the hubby of the other

Girl Geek Dinners Italia: the report!

In a cold, almost rainy Milan, Friday night took place the first Girl Geek Dinners Italy!Onestly, I was rather an infiltrated, as I’m no geek (even if I would like!), but knowing the right people it’s always useful!At my arrival I was greeted by Marilena: she burst my ego up to the ceiling simply telling

Girl geek dinners: il primo appuntamento… E sicuramente non l’ultimo!

Venerdì sera, una Milano con il tempo pazzerello della primavera (piove? Diluvio? Sole? Neve???), un’adorabile vietta di Città Studi, un ristorante e una 70 di girl geek pronte a conoscersi!Onestamente, sono stata “infiltrata” tra tutte queste professioniste del web da uno degli sponsor, San Lorenzo (rappresentato dalla persona del vulcanico Antonio Tombolini!) che ha fornito