Queen of Hearts Queen of Spades

One of my favorite characters from Disney’s Alice in Wonderland is, of course, the magnificent Queen of Hearts: she is so mean, so pushy, so overbearing, so merciless that it’s a real pleasure to watch her punishing a very annoining Alice!To the contrary, in the book, I stand with Alice against the dictatorial Queen…And now

Madly baking!

“Waiter there’s something in my bread” really encouraged my bakery instincts! After the bread I baked yesterday my only thought was: “Bake! Bake! Bake!”!!! Plus I was truly inspired by some of the wonderful entries, and especially by Patricia‘s recipe, so I hope she won’t mind if I made something similar, yet different, to her

Waiter, there’s somenthing in my… bread!

I find this monthly challenge very interesting, not only for the funny title, but even for the theme they choose! And it’s indeed a challenge fo me: never made a pie before and I’m not so much of a bready person. I like to eat bread, but make it sometimes seem to long and complicated…

Verrines, again and again and again…

Ok, I have to admit it: I’m obsessed with verrines… It’s that once you’ve started making them, your only thought will be about making them every time someone come along… They are so cute, so fast and so flexible that they scream: “MAKE ONE”! Now do you understand why on the last Cuisine et vins

Strolling around Milan, second part

Free your mind, listen to my voice and imagine what I’m going to describe you.An interesting building, modern, all glass and metal, headquarters of the most important economical newspaper in Italy. A big hall, very airy and with loads of natural light. The opening of a little (very very little) exposition about ten “food bag”

Strolling around Milan

Milan becomes really international few times a year: during the fashion shows and during the Salone del Mobile. I normally avoid the real fair (pure chaos) and I prefer strolling around all the events in center of Milan.My day, chronologically (here the pictures I took this morning):8.30 am meeting at Princi for the first likemind.mil

Verrines, strange stuff and other food pics…

Well, verrines are absolutely at their highest in France! You see them everywhere, salted, sweet, to take away… They put inside a verrine practically anything!And maybe in two, three, four years some “clever” Italian chef will begin to use them telling everybody how smart he is… Well, we’ll know he’s wrong! Now tell me: who


With my friends sometimes I joke about the bed&breakfast treatment they get when they sleep over: I have to be forgiven for the crazy cat in some way! But at the end it’s not so much of a joke! With the due advise, if someone is coming to sleep over I prepare something for breakfast:

Road Food

Just a sandwich, made with some cold smocked turkey and a frittata (Disclaimer: I don’t complete agree with this wikipedia entry… I cooked mine entirely in a skillet, turning it once…) I made with courgettes and gorgonzola. And some wonderfully tasty strawberries we bought in a street shop in Camargue! P.S. Both pictures were taken

Likemind Milan, Italy

Lately my life is at a turning point! Everything is changing, and the long awaited turn I was expecting for my 30th birthday has finally arrived (2 years and half later, but finally!). Anyway, this just to invite you, oh dear reader/commenter/friend, to the first likemind “made in Milan” (for the other Italian likeminds, click