Camargue, I love you!

Petite maison.jpg

For our Easter vacation we’ve been off to France: Alsace, Rhone valley and Camargue.
I was long awaiting to visit Camargue, and I was fully rewarded!!! A tour along the little streets, far for tourists, surrounded by nature, birds and wild animals, altogether with unknown people that tell you how to spot a little frog on a tree or a family of wild boars…
Just wonderfully amazing!
Soon the rest of the trip, with a short visit to the bistot of one of the most famous, three Michelin stars French chef!



  1. Elisa

    Really gorgeous!!

    I’ve never seen frogs so green and above all perched upon a tree branch!

    Surely a place to visit!

  2. Sara - Piperita

    That little frog, maybe even more little than on the picture, is the coolest live stuff I’ve ever seen!!! They were everywhere!!!

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