Girl Geek Dinners Italia: the report!

In a cold, almost rainy Milan, Friday night took place the first Girl Geek Dinners Italy!
Onestly, I was rather an infiltrated, as I’m no geek (even if I would like!), but knowing the right people it’s always useful!
At my arrival I was greeted by Marilena: she burst my ego up to the ceiling simply telling me: I like you blog! As this doesn’t happen so often, I instantly thought that the night was going in the right direction!
I tagged myself and I head to the cloakroom were I meet Susan, my future saver from my own uneasiness!
I wondered around a growing number of women, trying to hide myself behind my camera, keeping asking myself were all the good resolutions for the night went (be brave, speak to people you don’t know…)…
The people I knew: Amanda Lorenzani, the mind behind the event, introduced me to Deirdré Straughan. I spoke to Tara Kelly, then I saw a familiar face (and as everybody knows I’m useless when it come to recognize people…), saw the name tag, and yes, she was Elisa. I took a deep breath, some courage and introduce myself! She introduced me to Sara too!
The dinner began and then I was saved by Susan. she came to speak with me while I was wondering around still asking my self why on earth I’m so SHY!!! Food and cooking were our first arguments, but then, sitting at the table we were happily reached by Bruna and Beatrice and, at the other side of the table, Carlo and Luigina!
It was a very interesting night, knowing interesting people, sharing ideas, life… Drinking and eating…

Cool things I saw: the flickr cards! So cool that Saturday morning, waking up at eight, the first thing I did was buying a bunch!!! So next time I will head to each table dispensing them, as Sara cleverly did!
The coolest thing I saw: Luigina had a Moleskin/Google notebook: so, so, so cool!!! Everybody loves Google!!!
My only regret is that I wasn’t able to make more connections, to know more people, but with some help from cool flickr cards, next time…

For some pics, head here and here! And for this time only, the Italian post is just under this!


  1. Tara Kelly

    Tara (Kelly) here. It was nice to meet you too. No worries, I don’t think I even TOLD you my last name. 🙂


  2. Tara Kelly

    It was nice to meet you too – and no worries, I don’t think I even told you my last name.

    Cheers to you,

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