Strolling around Milan


Milan becomes really international few times a year: during the fashion shows and during the Salone del Mobile. I normally avoid the real fair (pure chaos) and I prefer strolling around all the events in center of Milan.
My day, chronologically (here the pictures I took this morning):
8.30 am meeting at Princi for the first (I was there since 8 am, but that’s me…): at the acme of the breakfast we were 6 and that’s not bad for the first time! Present at the event were: myself, Elena, Andrea, Eddy and Friend, Zeno (fantastically late!) and briefly Sara (Sara amica stordita as she signs herself in this blog comments!). We chit chatted until 10.30, continued creating “more blogs to the masses” that began last month at the Ancona likemind and opening Andreas’ blog!
10.30 am heading to Triennale for Design food experience, an exposition of pictures of food integrated in famous design objects. Not even the food or the objects were present at the exposition (the only exception was the always present Louis Ghost), but pictures of it… Did I like it? Well, to me it seemed the usual useless and meaningless exposition, but that’s only my humble thought… And sorry to say it, but the picture were not even so “good”: the world is full of ASTONISHING food photographer, why don’t ask him, her or him (just to give you few names. And if we really want to stay stucked in Italy, you can always ask her or her) to do it??? In the booklet they don’t even say who took the pictures… And at the end, where is the experience??? Design food experience: where, which, how? Boh…
11.30 am heading to Ingegnoli for the exposition Kitchen Garden. Far more interesting than the one before, the location was astonishing: in one of the oldest garden center of the city you can find different areas with new kitchens, chefs cooking, tasting and interesting (but not memorable) food settings.
12.30 pm heading to Teatro Smeraldo to buy two of the few reaming tickets for Tori Amos concert of the 31st May 2007!!!

That’s all (for now) folks… Tonight I’m heading to the presentation of a more interesting event: stay tuned for more news! And don’t forget to take a visual look of my day here!


  1. pm10

    i must apologize, i believed the atm strike was on so i did not come.
    very very sorry

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