WHB #50, the Recap

Recap time!
First of all, many thanks to all the participants: I hope I will be able to answer your mail through the day!
Many thanks to Kalyn, who invented the Weekend Herb Blogging, and to Ilva too, who let me know about it!
So, now, Recap Piperita’s Style, or rather control freak!

Participants: 16, including myself.

Worldwide spread: see map.

Garden coverage: amazingly! Everybody wrote an entry about a different flora!!!

And now, the entries, in chronological order:

Ruth, from Once Upon a Feast, let herself inspired by some magazine and make two wonderful salads: : a real chic Endive & Fennel Salad with Champagne Vinaigrette, and an eastern inspired Chickpea & Tuna Salad/Pita Sandwich with Thaini Dressing: simply mouth-watering!

Chrispy get carroting around Experimentation of Taste with a comprehensive post about our orange friends carrots and makes gorgeous Raisin-Carrot bread.

Gattina let us know how to use and how to cook dry lotus leaves: once you try Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaves you will never go back to normal steamed rice!

Kalyn, our everlasting host from Kalyn’s Kitchen, makes a Spicy Cherry Tomato Sauce for Pasta that sounds just like Italian ones, with her homegrown cherry tomatoes and lots of fresh herbs.

Sher extended my culinary knowledge explain how to make sopas and how to garnish then. So next time they ask me “What did you eat?” I sure would say Sopas with Cilantro!

Anna, form Morsels&Musings, gets deep on biblical cuisine with a Lentil Potage, and, among with the wonderful biblical hints, she les us know lots of information about lentil itself, one of the oldest seeds ever eaten.

If you really have to Cook (almost) Anything at least Once, there is a long way ahead, and Haalo is going on wonderfully well! Using lemongrass and rare young ginger, she makes an astonishing Ginger and Lemongrass Cordial (gosh, there is still people making their own cordial: that’s truly amazing!) and give us many info about the two main ingredients.

The Chocolate lady, form Hiddish/English blog In Mol Araan show us her pink potatoes, making a comforting and delicious stew with lentils, Gigir Aloo.

Ulrike form Gemany show us how many edible berries she can found around, just growing wild: blackberries, elderberries, barberry, rowan berries, black chokeberries… It makes you run out of the kitchen looking for a wood nearby, and get lost searching wild berries, early chestnut and porcini…
Genie, our Inadvertent Gardener, makes Shortbread Times Four, baking four batches of salted shortbread with four different herbs: lavender, rosemary, basil and sage. She favourites sage, I would go for all of them!

Virginie, our Absolutely Green girl from Nantes, France, made Hungarian style gnocchi using paprika, and tells us about Vegeta, a Croatian spice mix with many secret ingredients!

The Real Epicurean Scott show us the purple Heather he saw (and picked) in the astonishing northern land of the North Yorkshire Moors, and makes tea and wine with it.

Christa, with Thai basil and (hot hot) japaleño peppers from her Calendula & Concrete garden, makes a wonderful Spicy Kitchen and Basil Strir-Fry, very (very, very, very, very, very…) spicy!

Katerina shows us her Daily Adventures in Cooking making Focaccia Bagels with rosemary, and they just look beautiful and yummy!

The Serendipitous Chef David uses delicious and super tasty quince to make Quince Tarte-Tatin. He even use agava nectar instead of sugar to make pastry: that’s interesting! I wish I could find agava nectar in Italy and give it a try!

And that’s all folks! Wonderful recipes and knowledge shared trough the world!!! You can still find my entry below…
Next week head to Kalyn for the recap of Week-end Herb Blogging 51


  1. Ruth

    Great recap! It will take a while, but I’ll have to give each one a try.

  2. gattina

    Whoa! I like the way you arranged our photos together, look so warm and beautiful! Great recap, and thanks for the kind words to my entry!

  3. Kalyn

    Great job! I also like how you did the photos. I have no idea how you did that. The one time I tried to do side-by-side photos I never did get it to come out right! Now I have to go and visit the ones I haven’t seen.

    Don’t forget, next week is the regular WHB, but the week after next is the one year anniversary of WHB and I’m going to be asking people to write about their VERY FAVORITE herb. You can post it any time between September 25-October 1 if you want to get a vote in for your favorite herb. Then I’m going to tally the results. What do you think the favorite herb of food bloggers will be?

  4. Piperita

    Dear Kalyn, Photoshop allmighty allow me to do the picture above! Many thanks to Photoshop!

    My favourite herb? Sure Basil (I knoww, so clichè!), and the favourite af all, I think Cilantro (I completely despite…)

    I will sure send you an entry!

    Many thanks to everybody

  5. Virginie

    Very nice recap (you notice, I couldn’t wait until tomorrow, in spite of my job…). I love your map work.

  6. Kalyn

    Oh, just noticed the very, very cool map! Now I’m back after school to read the rest of the entries.

  7. the chocolate lady

    Wonderful job, Piperita,

    I will be trying many of these. One tiny note–
    Girgir aloo is not a soup–it is more of a stew or ragout.

  8. Piperita

    @The Chocolate Lady: sorry, I will correct it immediately!

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