Daring Bakers: Danish Braid

One summer afternoon, Sara-Piperita goes to her usual Support Group: Anonymous Daring Bakers Challenged With Some Basic Preparation, ADBCWSBP (meetings every end of the month, day vary).As usually, she meets with her fellow companions (some very skilled!!!), but this time is her turn to step in front of everybody and speak about the dreadful challenge

The world of wine would be safe forever if everybody would work like…

Marco Sara, a young wine maker from Friuli, one of the eastern region of Italy: he has just 3 acres and he make just 3 wines: Picolit, Mufis and Verduz! One better than the other! My husband, who is a sommelier and he’s acknowledged among our acquaintances as a fierce wine critic, after trying them,

Day 5 to 6 Meknes and the King

[Discalimer: I know I came back from Morocco like ages ago, but I know you want to know more about our adventures there 😉 and by the way, I’m cooking almost nothing lately, so… :P] Leaving Fès, I decide to enter fully in Moroccan life: I bought a newspaper! We consulted our guide on which