Day 5 to 6 Meknes and the King

Bab Monsour and Sunset

[Discalimer: I know I came back from Morocco like ages ago, but I know you want to know more about our adventures there 😉 and by the way, I’m cooking almost nothing lately, so… :P]

Leaving Fès, I decide to enter fully in Moroccan life: I bought a newspaper! We consulted our guide on which newspaper we should buy: not too much on the side of the king, not too Muslim, not too rightish… I know: we are crazy! We always look for the local counterpart of Manifesto or Liberation!!! And in French, of course, as neither of us could read Arab…
I anyway ended up with the wrong one (I’m capable of forgetting the title of a newspaper in 10 meters walk), on the side of the king, whom, by the way, is a very cool and good looking person, so it was kind of ok!
And we discover, just 4 minutes before to take the train to Meknes that the king would be there, in Meknes, for the agricultural forum during the same days we would be there! How exiting!!! On paper… Because at the end we just had two glimpses of his car and nothing else…
Back to our trip!
By the time we arrive in Meknes I have the biggest flu of last year: hate Moroccan thermal excursion! So I don’t remember much from the city…
I reckon it as something beautiful, with no too many tourists and all festive for the king…
I think there were some amazing monuments, as usually, but I was sniffing my nose constantly…
There is one thing I remember vividly: the Riad we went to!
Riad Feloussia, and Lionel and Sonia, its owners!
The Riad has only 2 bedrooms, one more beautiful then the other! the restoration of the Riad was undertaken by the owners altogether with Moroccan architects and carpenters, using traditional materials and trying to preserve the original feeling of the place! The bathroom in our room was bigger then our sitting room at home!!!
They even have a terrace looking on the main square: a treat you’ll want to enjoy even under the midday sun!
Uh, something I remember: not far from Meknes lays Volubilis, a Roman archaeological site! Very nice… Very hot and sunny, but very nice!

Volubilis and a French man with an italian hat! ;)

Uh, something else: Christians prisons! Creepy!!!

Christian prisons

Ah, and of course we got lost, somewhere, looking for an exit, but fooling ourselves inside a labyrinth of streets and covered alleys… We really felt inside a scenario of Prince of Persia! (actually I was constantly saying it… ;D)

We ate both on the street (in Meknes they have the best bread we ever tried in Morocco), in restaurants (Le Collier de la Colombe, where we had as a dessert a Pastilla au lait which was AMAZING!!!) and at the Riad.

Pastilla au lait

At the Riad we had the pleasure to eat camel tajine (actually dromedary): kudos Zora, the Moroccan girl who cooked it!!!

For more pictures, here!


  1. lionelmeknes

    I’m happy to hear that you enjoyed your stay in our home and in Meknes.
    From what I see on your blog we will have to try to convince you to do some cooking next time 😉
    Many thanks to both of you for your pleasant company.

    Lionel (Riad Felloussia)

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