Daring Bakers: Julia Child’s French Bread

I love Julia Child! Love, love, love her! Last summer I read her biography and I was just startled by her voice: clear, gentle, friendly…So, when I saw this month challenge I thought: “GREAT! A dream comes true!!!”I knew that when Mary and Sara chose this particular recipe they were going in the right direction

As seen on tv

Or at least on Italian television…Which I seldom watch, but just the other day I catch a glimpse of this thing pictured left… and I thought: “OMG!”Then with my on-line grocery shopping it came as a nice little present. As fate was guiding me in such clear ways, could I ever avoid to try it???I

The new credo

It can sound very snobbish, it can sound very overconfident, but I personally feel like him: “Are you a blogger too? Give me your camera. I’ll take a really blurry, close-up picture of the grapefruit in my salad. When do you think people are going to start making fun of bloggers?” Danny Meyer via Serious

You are my Catcher Block I’m your Barbara Novak

You are my Christian I’m your Satine.You are my Norman Warne I’m your Beatrix Potter.You are my Lincoln 6 Echo I’m your Jordan 2 Delta.You are my Frank Churchill I’m your Jane Fairfax.You are my Jerome I’m your Nagiko.You are my Renton I’m your Diane. I was never, and never will be, one of those

Raw, part 3: lemon salmon

As my Sorrento Lemons were such an hit with the Daring Baker Challenge Lemon Meringue Pie, I thought to use them to marinate some my salmon too… Well, my husband thought of it… As simple as sad: thinly slice some salmon fillet and cover it with freshly squeezed lemon juice. Let it marinate for 20-30

Piperita DIY

Well, this is not the DNA to create your own Piperita from one of my hair: one Piperita is enough in this world I can assure you!!! 😉This week-end I felt handy and so I decided, after a short conversation earlier in the week with Sara, to build a light box!And as I’m always thinking