Raisins and cinnamon swirl

Give me something light and not too sweet for breakfast. Give me something yeasty too. Give me a simple, quick, plain recipe, that can be made by everyone. Give me something I can made over the weekend and that will last at least few days. Give me something with LOADS of raisins in it.Can you

Out of fashion food?

The other day I was reading comments on one of my favourite blog (she doesn’t need publicity, but here it is!) and someone wrote: “stop with avocados, they are so seventies” (in the meaning of obsolete). Well, I found that comment quite strange.Let me explain myself. On which basis can you label a certain food

The wind that shakes the barley

This is not at all an Irish recipe, as the title would suggest, but a very Italian one! Cooking other ingredients like you will do for risotto is quite common, even for pasta. Of course you always have to adjust the timing.Barley is very good cooked with the absorption method, especially in the pressure cooker:

Canard aux poires

Do I have to stress again on how much I love duck? And ducks, of course: cute funny animals, but I prefer them directly from the oven! Oh, how cruel I am!!! (Add a very cruel laugh at this point)This roasted duck is so simple that shouldn’t need a recipe, but I know many people


Watching a video of Jacques P├ępin, found through The Amateur Gourmet, I was fascinated by his allure and his elegance… His recipe for Hasty Pudding reminded me my old love for budino (the Italian equivalent of pudding). Budino is the simplest dessert of all, if made with the powder selled in supermarkets, and it’s even

Mon monsieur

No, this is not a picture of my French hubby, but the picture of the croque monsieur I made for fun yesterday night.Well, croque monsieur is another of those simple stuff that it’ so simple to get it wrong! Too much cheese compare to the ham, stale bread, poor quality ham and/or cheese… Well, so

Il boccone perfetto

My dear friend F is always in search of the perfect bite (il boccone perfetto)! Whenever she can find herself in front of different options, she struggle to have a mounthful of a combination of ingredients just to obtain the perfect blend of flavours and texture all in one bite, that goes directly in her

Food Tube Marathon

At the beginning of this month, Adam The Amateur Gourmet launched a challenge: why don’t you spend an hour on You Tube and try to find 10 wonderful food related video?Well, he found awesome stuff! And while watching everything I thought, why don’t I give it a try?So, here they are: on a grey end

Panna cotta

Panna cotta is an Italian classic, so simple, straight and quick that it’s worth it making it!It’s even one of my favourite dessert and as it is so difficult to find it well made in restaurants, I always prefer making it myself, at home.It’s normally accompanied with red berries or chocolate, but this time I’ve