Food Tube Marathon

At the beginning of this month, Adam The Amateur Gourmet launched a challenge: why don’t you spend an hour on You Tube and try to find 10 wonderful food related video?
Well, he found awesome stuff! And while watching everything I thought, why don’t I give it a try?
So, here they are: on a grey end of march Milanese morning, my hour looking for food video on you tube!

1. My favourite: chirashi with eel, almost 8 minutes on how to make the perfect chirashi! Carefully follow every instructions!

2. Food photography: do you know how the best food photographers work? Here are some inside views! šŸ˜‰

3. Beatles fan? Sesame street fan? Food fan? All pleased by this awesome performance!

4. Nigella Lawson’s pantry and philosophy!

5. Ok, for me he’s just too way too sexy: I love him! He’s on my list of men I would run away with…

6. “Ready, steady, cook!” was one of my favourite program on English telly! The host, back then, wasn’t the great Ainsley Harriot (a well known English chef), but a nice morbid blond lady, more like the Italian equivalent… Unluckily for us, the Italian equivalent of the original program is just unbearable… But we are here to have fun, so here it is: the original! And listen to the accent of everybody!

7. Nigel Slater and Miranda Richardson: just delighting! And she cooks!

8. Incredible! Vintage Delia Smith, the guru of English tv chefs!!!

9. Ok, maybe not entirely food related, may be not a real food video, but HE’s always worth it, isn’t he???

10. Last, but not least, not from You Tube, but from Serious Eats, check out what can happen if one of the most influential American food critic hire a personal chef!

P.S. Sorry, I really wanted to put each video on my post, but blogger doesn’t like them…