Lately I do not have lots of recipe… I’m not cooking anything interesting (unless you think that pasta with pesto is interesting…) and since we’ve been in Paris last weekend, we even have the fridge completely empty… I mean, right now there is only lots of cheese from a nice Parisian fromagerie in the 17th

Paris vaut bien des macarons…

… some croissants (the best of the 9th arrondissement), North African patisserie and, of course, HIM: the best, the only, le merveilleux Pierre Hermé… And foodblogger meetings, of course!!! Oh, and the discovery of yuzu…

Chinese style pork

I completely invented this marinade and I called it Chinese marinadejust because the ingredients are Chinese like (all except one…), butI wouldn’t say you will find it served in Chinese Popular Republic…A little memoir from my childhood… When Comrade Mao Tze Tong died Iwas little, like two or three years old, and his death must


Again something sweet from Donna Hay… Maybe I should buy more booksby her, so I can change trend…Anyway, those amandines (almond tartlets) are so simple to make, andto eat, that are worth even the effort of making the pastry base(yes, sometime I’m so so lazy that I discard recipe that impliespastry making…)!For the pastry you

Pumpkin, again… And forever!!!

Another Donna Hay recipe: this woman is full of wonder!This cake has a sweet short crust pastry that has the incredibleadvantage of remaining “crusty” (or croustillant, my favourite Frenchword!!!) for days, even with the moistest filling. On the other hand, Ifound it a bit too much hard on the first day, but ok after the

Pork Friday: Vietnamese pork

Vietnamese is one of my favourite Asian cuisine… I’m wondering ifthere is an Asian cuisine that I do not like, but except canned foodform the Philippine (for a job, once I had to translate theingredients of some cans and you can’t imagine how many we had toreject for the presence of ingredients not allowed in

Indian curry rice

This dish is Indian cuisine made quick and easy! And if you do theprep part before the guest arrive, all you have to do is cook it, andonce is all in the pan, you can chitchat and go back in the kitchenjust a the ring of the bell!And as you can do it with any

Pumpkin cheesecake

It’s pumpkin time! Pumpkins are so good and delicious! And they areorange, happy orange!!!These cheesecake is from Nigella’s Feast, and it’s a glorious recipe,expeccialy for the smoothness of the pumpkin filling! I substitutedcream cheese with ricotta, and the can of pumpkin purée with steamedpumpkin. I divided by two the filling, as I needed a cake