Chinese style pork

I completely invented this marinade and I called it Chinese marinade
just because the ingredients are Chinese like (all except one…), but
I wouldn’t say you will find it served in Chinese Popular Republic…
A little memoir from my childhood… When Comrade Mao Tze Tong died I
was little, like two or three years old, and his death must have made
quite an impression on my little self. I don’t know if only for his
name, funny for a little Italian girl, as mao in Italian is very
similar to the sound of a cat mewing (miao!), or because I was
already aware of his importance on my political life… Growing older I
propend for the first solution, but for many years I was sure of the
Anyway, from the night of his death, and for the week that followed,
I went around saying to literally everybody I encountered on the
streets, at home, at the kindergarten, “Mao is dead”, with a smile
(the smile was the part I omitted when telling this story to my
comrades during my years as a young passionaria protesting against
the first Berlusconi leadership… And I would be ready to hit the
piazza again if he arouses to the power for a third time!!!)! My
mother tried to persuade me that it wasn’t very nice to announce
someone’s death with a smile, even if she told me that Mao wasn’t a
very nice person, but nothing would stop me!
What a stubborn little girl! And growing older I didn’t change a
single bit!!!

And, now, after the choirs of “who cares??!” that are arousing among
you, fellows readers, here is the recipe!

300 g of pork cut in thin stripes

2 tablespoons of soy sauce
1 tablespoon of maple syrup
1 teaspoon of grounded ginger
1/2 teaspoon of five spices mix

Steamed rice to serve

Marinate overnight, in the fridge, the pork with all the ingredients.
Stick two or three pieces of meat on metal skewers. Heat a heavy
grill and cook ithe skewers until golden and crispy.
Serve them with steamed rice.

P.S. For those whome are wondering if this meat is or isn’t burn, I will assure you that it wasn’t burn at all, but perfectly caramelized… and I have at least two no family related witnesses…