London, pho and sun!

I’m back in London, this time for this!

Wandering around I found this amazing place where they make outstanding Pho! And as in England is still surprisingly warm, I ate in their garden, just off the Chelsea Garden Market!
Gosh, Bourdain is so right about Pho!

I even wrote a little review of the place on TrustedPlaces! Among with others, I’m pleased to say!


  1. ThisNext Blog

    I LOVE Pho its so hard to find in LA. That looks yummy.

  2. Kiriel du Papillon

    Oh how I loooove pho and Oh how I miss having really good pho. I am going to be in London in October and I now know where I am just going to HAVE to go. Thanks for the heads up!

  3. Anonymous

    I will be in London in October..could you please inform me about a good indian restaurant?
    My hotel is near Victoria there some places interesting where I could eat something good??
    Thank you!!!!

  4. Sara - Piperita

    Cia, you can check out for Indian restaurants…

  5. nikkipolani

    I can’t resist a bowl of pho – glad you found some good stuff!

  6. Anonymous

    Thank you!!
    I didn’t know this site, it is so interesting and full of London’s informations.

  7. Lyrically speaking

    Yes, another wonderful meal that seduces the eyes and belly 🙂
    I’ve never had Pho, will need to check it out

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