Magic Tajine, on the table, who is the fairest one of all?

Magic Tajine.jpg

Magic Tajine
: Over the seven jewelled restaurants, beyond the seventh pan, in the kitchen of the Seven Chefs, dwells Piperita, fairest of them all.
Queen [of food bloggers]: Piperita lies dead in the forest [you wish!]. The Envy Bloggers have brought me proof. Behold, her heart.
Magic Tajine: Piperita still lives, fairest in the land. ‘Tis the heart of a pig you hold in your hand.
Queen [of food bloggers]: The heart of a pig! Then I’ve been tricked!

Oh, yeah! You’ve all been tricked!
I haven’t post much in the last weeks, but I’m still here! Alive and kicking!
I’m just trying to recover form a very busy period, and a rather wild week-end!
But many days ago, I’ve cooked this quick tajine, mixing up two different recipes, so, here it is, thou magic tajine! So magic that I’m trying to remember how I did, but, nope, sorry, it’s hiding any memory of it!

Olive oil

Spices: cumin, cinnamon, saffron, chilli pepper

Sesame seeds

Supposedly, I’ve stir-fried the minced onion in not so much oil, added the lamb, in bite size, then the spices, then the diced vegetables. Sure I added a glass or two of water, and I let everything cook…
I added some sesame seeds, just to have a “nice” picture…

Maybe the Envy Bloggers have taken my brain…


  1. Lyrically speaking

    Wow, the pic is mouth-watering, love the post…i’ll be stopping by more often

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