Daring Bakers: Cinnamon rolls

cinnamon rolls.jpg

I have to say I love Cinnamon rolls. In general. Always. They are good, that’s it!
And then I saw this month challenge of the Daring Bakers I was happy, really!
You have to know that every daring baker take turn to host the monthly event. So every month we have a different host (this month is Marce!). The fact is that most of the hosts are Americans, so the recipe they give us are with American ingredients. And as we cannot all be Julia Child, and adapt the whole French cuisine to the American public, I sometimes have problems with the ingredients. Basic ingredients are simple to find, but for example you have to bear in mind that the average plain American flour has more gluten than the average Italian one. Or that yeasts are different.
This month the recipe was featuring a instant yeast, that, in fact, it must be different from the one sell in Italy. Because that’s the only reason I can give to the facts that my rolls were good, but not really puffy… Maybe with fresh yeast would have more soft…

But I loved them anyway! And I had fun, that’s for sure, and even all the people that ate them had fun!!!

Cinnamon rolls, detail.jpg


  1. Hilda

    Sara, i tes pani hanno l’aria fantastici, avrò bene gradito provare! je ne me suis pas trop trompé pour l’italien? I didn’t know what instant yeast translated to in French either, so we just do the best we can.

  2. Ivonne


    Very nice, Sara! Your buns are gorgeous!!!

  3. Baking Soda

    Sara, I’m so glad you mention the differences in ingredients (or recipes). I encounter the same eh.. challenges. I must add however that however I like the methods of Peter Reinhart I always have trouble to get the consistency right. And in this case, first rise took 3 hours and some…

  4. Aoife

    I had no idea there was so much adapt for overseas baking. You must have done a good job though, because they look delectable!

  5. Peabody

    Great job improvising with the ingredients. And your buns look lovely.

  6. angie

    Ciao Sara,
    they came out great! Kind of fancying about making them myself…now I do have the book 🙂 aaand…who knows, I might be allowed membership in the club as well 😉

  7. Canadian Baker

    Ahhhh! Your picture is mouth-watering. Fabulous buns!

  8. Julie

    That top photo is amazing–your buns look wonderful! Maybe someone will host the challenge with a European recipe. =D

  9. Dolores

    It never ceases to amaze me how “basic” ingredients like flour, sugar and yeast vary across the continents. And one of the things I enjoy about these challenges is seeing how the recipes play in different parts of the world.

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