Involtini di aringhe

Always as a part of the kilo of herrings I’ve bought, those are inspired by the much more famous Sarde a beccafico, a typical Sicilian dish.The problem with this recipe is that I haven’t measured the ingredients, but just followed the moment… 4 herring filletsBreadcrumbsFine grain couscousRaisinsPinenutsCappersDillExtra virgin olive oilGarlic Heat the oil and stir

Give me my soup!

Have I already told you my childhood story about my eternal hate for minestra???In Italy we call minestra any souplikestuff with vegetables, diced and cooked in some kind of stock or just water… In classical culinary Italian there are two different type of minestra: in brodo (in stock or water, anyway something soupy) and asciutta


UPDATE: Thanks to a link that dear Sam left on a comment to the post I wrote at the Food Blog S’coll, I think I was able to fix the problem… If you see something wrong, write asap!!!! Aggiornamento: Grazie a Sam, che mi ha lasciato un link nei commenti a un post che ho


I do not really like chestnut and I absolutely hate marron glacé: too sweet for me, too decadent, too much, really!But once, in a French supermarket, a beautiful boite of chestnut purée draw my undivided attention and I bought it! The first time I used it I followed a recipe sent by one of this

Hay Hay It’s Donna Day #9: Orange Soufflés

I do not own many of Donna Hay’s books, just two… Yeah, I know, that’s a sad story, but you can’t imagine how difficult is to find them in Italy, especially in English! And in fact the two I own are in French… That’s even sadder, isn’t it??? Yeah, I know…But I also have some

Linguine con le aringhe

Last time I went to my fishmonger I found fresh herring fillets at 2.50 € per kilo! Of course I’ve bought a kilo: they are good, healthy and surprisingly cheap! 3 cloves of garlic2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil3 herring fillets, skinned and diced6-8 cherry tomatoes, dicedfew branches of dill10 black olives200 g of

Sformatini di catalogna

My ode to catalogna wasn’t a joke: I really love this greenery! Last time I went to the market I bought a huge tuft, cooked the outer leaves and ate raw the inside (puntarelle) following a great recipe.As I can’t always eat catalogna with pasta (for the good of this blog), I made this little

SHF#27, Chocolate by brand: Cranberry and chocolate cookies

For this month Sugar High Friday, hosted by chocolate master David Lebovitz, the theme is (obviously) chocolate, not in general terms, but by brand.As I grew up near the Italy-Switzerland border, my entire childhood has been surrounded by chocolate of different kind and shapes: Lindor all year long (bought by kilos…), bunnies end huge eggs

Mange-tout soup

Yesterday night I opened the fridge and all I saw were some sad vegetables that screamed, “Cook me or kill me!”I cooked them… 1 red pepper1 leek1 fennel1 courgette1 little pumpkin2 potatoes 1 teaspoon of red curry pasteSalt Tarragon to decorate Clean and cut in chunks all the vegetables. Throw them in a saucepan, add


Maybe…As you may have understood reading my blog, I’m not a big fan of strict rules in the kitchen: I like “tradition”, but I dislike close-minded vision where only “tradition” can exist. We are lucky enough to live in a big wide world made of so many different minds that the term “tradition” can mean