Merry Christmas!!!

I won’t be home, neither in front of a computer, for the next 7 days, as we are heading to south of France, to see my in-laws: seafood, oysters, buche… Stuff like that!!! My deepest seasonal greetings!I will never leave you without a Christmas recipe, so, if you want to know how I made the

Cupcakes for K

My dear sweeeeet friend K today turns (insert the number you like)!!! And tonight we’ll party!I made her this lavender cupcakes I found on one of my favorite blog: thanks so much Chockylit for being a constant source of inspiration! Your cupcakes are gorgeous!!!The only thing I’ve changed was the decorations (the original one was

Torta al cioccolato e pistacchi

About once a month we dine with a couple friends of ours. We host alternately and each time we try our best and most extravagant recipes to please each other: we always try something new, from a different country, a challenge for the palate and the cook’s skills (me and the hubby of the other

Macarons au chocolat et cointreau

Oops, I did it again (no, I’m not Britney Spears fan…)! And this time, chocolatey, my favourites…But lets get through the recipe, as it would be simple writing it in Italian, but in a foreign language, you know… I will take it step by step. 6 days before you intend TO EAT your macarons, take

SHF#27, Chocolate by brand: Cranberry and chocolate cookies

For this month Sugar High Friday, hosted by chocolate master David Lebovitz, the theme is (obviously) chocolate, not in general terms, but by brand.As I grew up near the Italy-Switzerland border, my entire childhood has been surrounded by chocolate of different kind and shapes: Lindor all year long (bought by kilos…), bunnies end huge eggs

Free muffin to the world!!!

Questi muffin sono strani, ma sono pur sempre muffin e a chi non piacciono i muffin??? La ricetta base è quella del libro de Le Cordon Bleu, Muffin, Könemann, 1998. Poi l’aggiunta della marmellata come cuore fondente viene da una ricetta per muffin-doughnut di Nigella Lawson. Essendo dei muffin al limone ho scelto la marmellata

La Piperita ha scoperto l’acqua calda!

Lo so, probabilmente siete tutti clienti affezionati, ma come la Cavoletta non era mai entrata in un discount, così la Piperita non era mai entrata da Picard! Quando questa estate ho pubblicato la ricetta del gelato al caramello di burro salato, Daniela di Calme et Cacao mi aveva detto che lei l’aveva trovato da Picard.


Morte al cioccolato Castagnaccio ricco I tartufi di Tess Dulce de leche alla tapioca Hot Cross Buns: l’impasto Hot Cross Buns: in forno Torta multistrato pere e cioccolato Madeleines Bavarese alla Crème de Cassis e lamponi Riz au lait Apple Pie My Way Clafoutis di fragoleCheesecake con fragole e lamponi Torta alle noci del PerigordGelato