Orecchiette alle cime di rapa

An Italian Classic, from the South of Italy, and more precisely from Puglia, the heel of the peninsula. And as most of the traditional Italian dishes is simple, satisfying and tasty 🙂 In the list of ingredients, in parenthesis, you can find not so traditional substitutes, as I’m afraid most of the ingredients are difficult

10 steps to (better) cooking: How to read and execute a recipe

After choosing a recipe, from the internet or from a book or a magazine, you need to do it, to cook the dish. And here it comes the trickiest part! The rules: Read it, from the ingredients list to the last step. Then read it again. And then one more time. Prep everything! Take out

Moelleux au chocolat et beurre salé

A French classic. And as Julia Child used to say, French cuisine has 3 basic ingredients: butter, butter, and butter. So do not be afraid  by the amount of fat there is in this recipe: it’s French! The recipe comes from n. 138 of Cuisine et Vins de France, which called for unsalted butter, but