Food 2.0 NomNomNom

Sunday 18th May 2008 I was here, teamed with her, doing this.We cooked all this.We where among other people, all cooking astonishing meals!Everything was organized by her in partnership them, with some outstanding sponsors!I spoke about it here and here (Italian version) and there we published our entry even here (recipes included!!!And thanks to Julia

Daring Bakers: Opera

Opera is a dessert I always wanted to try, but never found the courage! It is one of those dessert so complicate dan with so many different passages and layers, that, honestly, if it wasn’t for the Daring Bakers, I would probably be still here wondering about it!Funny thing is that before to make it,

Day 3 to 4 Up and down Fès

First we went down, then up, by another street, and then down again, to the bottom, and then, too tired to go up again, we took a petit taxi to go up… And like this for 3 days. And we didn’t get tired of it… I would go up and down in Fès for ever!Even

Day 2 Rain going to Fès

We took the bus at 6.45 am and leave Marrakech on a cold but sunny morning.We have in front of us 8 hours of bus ride, in the mountains. Fun!As soon as we leave Marrakech and we begin to go up, the weather changes and it becomes grey, rainy and cold! We freeze in the

Day 1 Marrrakesh, a first bite

We left home on a Friday night, heading to my parents home, in Varese, where we left the cat and we slept few hours before leaving for the airport (Malpensa is much nearer to my parents house then to our home in Milan) at 4.30 am on a Saturday.3 hours flight with EasyJet from Milan

Morocco, the land where time stops…

Morocco… That’s where I’ve been in the last two weeks… And that’s where I would love to live the rest of my life! Morocco… A beautiful country, made of sand, sea, ocean and imperial cities… Morocco… The land where time really stops! At first we thought it was our watch, but soon realized that the