Daring Bakers: Perfect Party Cake

[Update: the pictures were added Monday, 31 March 2008, at 8.56, Italy Time for the reasons explained below] Oh gosh, it’s today! I though it was for tomorrow!I was freely going around the net this morning, when I hit my FaceBook page and saw a random status message from Jean Aw, Tastespotting founder, saying “…

The Recipe Writer’s Handbook

Here I am, neglecting my blog since ages and then, what do I publish? A book review! Not even a recipe and not even a picture! Bad Sara, bad!But my book review is more useful then anything you can think of… My book review is about a book, as you can easily understand for the

Kheer, Indian rice pudding

I have recently became accustomed to Bollywood movies! They rock!!! I love them!!!So, when my friend Sara (my Bollywood movies pusher) proposed a Bollywood night, well, I jumped in with great pleasure!!! 🙂And I proposed to bring an old favourite of my husband: the Indian rice pudding.It’s a really soothing dessert, fairly simple, but worthy

This is, may be, too much…

This morning I was happily going through my March issue of Olive (courtesy of my kind friend Sarah Blow), one of the prominent British food magazine, and I found an article titled “Cheap Shots. Even Michelin-starred chef need to know how to cook on a budget. Olive reveals how the professional cut down on food