And that’s only a part of it!

Of course I’ve eaten much more than this!!! And many many more dishes of foie gras, even fresh, just seared: heavenly melting in the mouth!!! France has many many layers of astonishing gastronomy, from Michelin starred restaurants (in which, of course, I haven’t took picture: I have my own ethics!) to street markets, to village’s

My eternal and only love

Mirabelles for ever and ever! I find them only in France and only during August! And they are so good!!! Bowl from the Limonge porcelain assemble of my inlaws, mirabelles from the local market in St. Afrique, Aveyron, France, tablecloth from some Provence’s shop

I’m back…

Yes, I’m back… Soon some news, some pictures, some discoveries… At the end the trip was limited to France with only one short trip to Pamplona… It was fun, it was wonderful, it was all I expected and even more… Coming soon!