Trofie al pesto

Trofie al pesto

Trofie al pesto

Pesto = Genova, Liguria

Trofie = Liguria

Pesto + Trofie + runner beans + potatoes = liguria, summer, sea

Again, nothing more simple then this: Italian cuisine is simple and it’s all about great flavors made by great ingredients. Always try to get the best you get.

If you can’t buy fresh trofie (and I know how difficult it is to find fresh trofie), try at least to buy the best dry trofie you can find. Actually this recipe works fine with any short fresh pasta, but do not tell to people from Liguria 😉 .

Bring to the boil a big kettle with a lot of water, let’s say at 6-8 liters. Do you remember how to cook pasta?

Make pesto according to “recipe”.

Peel and cut potatoes in chunks 2 centimeters per side.

Clean the runner beans and cut them 5 centimeters long.

Once the water begin to boil, salt it and let it get back to boil.

Add pasta and veggies.

Transfer your pesto to a bit bowl.

Cook through pasta and veggies, drain but let it a bit watery and add everything to your bowl: toss it and stir it.

Serve NOW!