Oh, yes, that’s fat!

(And it’s a pity you can’t see it bubbling…)

Merguezes pie.jpg

That’s the fat from merguezes! Better: those merguezes are home made by my Halal butcher just down the street! I love to buy my lamb at the Halal butcher because it has more taste that the lamb that is normally sell in Italy: too young for our fine palates… They have wonderful legs of lamb (which I normally roast), any piece from the lamb and merguezes, that sometime we buy even if we don’t make couscous: they are just wonderful all by their own, grilled, served with some potatoes.
And this time I made them in a kind like pie.
I boiled some potatoes, then mash them, add some milk (goat milk in this case), some grated emmental, some butter, salt and pepper and cook it for a few minutes. Then I placed some cut merguezes in the bottom of a oven dish, covered everything with the mash, sprinkled with some grated emmental and cooked in the oven for about 20-25 minutes.

Merguez pie.jpg


  1. giogaldina

    Ciao Piperita
    ma non c’è la traduzione in italiano?
    Sembra buono …


  2. Anonymous

    Ciao Pip, mi dici dove e’ il tuo macellaio Halal? sono di Milano anche io e adoro le merguez ma mentre in France le trovo al super qui non sapevo dove trovarle! Grazie Arianna

  3. Piperita

    @Arianna: io vado a quello all’inizio di viale Monza, dalla parte dei dispari… Onestamente non so in quanti abbiano le merguezes, ma io le ho sempre trovate facilmente dai macellai islamici. Anche uno in porta Venezia, tipo in via Lecco o una delle parallele…

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