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I know I’m late, but I was on holyday! Sicily, for the ones who don’t know it yet… Wonderful… You can still check some picture in the posts below…
Anyway, it is not simple to choose ONLY 5 thing everybody should eat before they die… I tried to keep everything regional, and I wanted to be “original”, but neither things were possible…
And as Anthony Bourdain would say, the memory of the food you’ve eaten will be always related to the surroundings and the environment you eat within, but:

1- Cannolo, express made, in Sicily. The best one, over all we had this summer, was at the Caffè dell’Arte in Modica. The important thing is that the cannolo MUST be filled the exact moment you order it, and not before: you do not want to taste something soggy and acid, do you? So, NEVER order a cannolo when you see it, but wait until they fill it for you.

2- Salade périgourdine, in Périgord, France. No where else. It is made with duck breast cooked or conserved in three different ways: fresh, grilled; smoked; preserved and thinly sliced.

3- Foie gras, fresh or canned, better whole, but I do not dislike even pâté. I know about the big debate is going on in the States, but foie gras remains one of the best thing I ever, ever, ever tried in my life.

4- Macaron au caramel au beurre salé, chez Ladurée, Paris. Eat it, taste it, swallow it and be ready for paradise.

5- Quesadillas with fresh courgette flowers at the tables outside Mitla’s temple, Mexico, cooked over a barrel full of burning charcoal. Simple, yet delicious over all means… Just plain good food you will never forget…

And obviously there will be millions of other stuff, like Nutella, home made caponata, a plain pizza margherita (just tomato sauce, bufala’s mozzarella and fresh basil), tajine (any kind), Thai curries, Rogan Josh, tea made with fresh tea leaves, garlic fried in a good spoonful of butter, grilled swordfish, plateau royal de fruits de mer, crème brulée, home made paella, the taste of a tomato ripen in the Italian sun, burrata, a whole lamb leg, roasted….
And so on for ever, and ever and ever…

And as this wonderful encyclopaedia didn’t yet fully arrive in Italy, I’m tagging to this meme some great Italian food bloggers:
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Have fun! And a big thanks to Bonnie, from Daydream Delicious, for tagging me for this wonderful project, and to Melissa, from The Traveler’s Lunchbox, that came up with!


  1. Bonnie

    Great list, Piperita!! I know how hard it is to just manage 5! The quesadilla’s with fresh courgettes sound inspiring!

  2. bcinfrance

    I’m so happy to see a post in English on your blog! You comment on mine sometimes and then I can’t read yours! I must learn Italian!

    I did this five top foods thing too — a lot of fun.

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