Sunday Roast: how to (in several episodes!)


Lately we realized that in all the time we spent in England in the past we NEVER had Sunday roast, neither at home nor at the pub… We absolutely had to amend!
So, last Sunday we make the effort to make everything for the “perfect” Sunday roast, or at least for the Sunday roast of our choice…

And so, here it is, in the fall sunlight (Jesus DOESN’T want me for a sunbeam…):
Homemade horseradish sauce
Homemade Yorkshire pudding (gloriusly puffed, as Nigella suggested!)
Roast potatoes (should I underline the fact that we bought the potatoes but we cooked them?)
Roast beef (my mother’s way)

Stay tuned for the recipes!


  1. Bonnie

    Absolutely gorgeous, and just the way it should be! The Yorkies look positively perfect.

  2. Scott at Real Epicurean

    Your roast looks absolutely delicious – but hey, where’s the gravy?

  3. Saffron

    Che brava!mi hai riportato alla mente tante serate londinesi!Un bacio. Come hai fatto la horseradish sauce?

  4. sergius

    In una lingua civile ti prego…
    Le lingue barbare seppur molto usate come tutte le cose mediocri mal ti si attagliano.
    con affetto

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