Or how to burn eyelashes and some air while cooking…
Home flambé is safe, don’t worry, but only if you are not French and you do not exceed with the amount of alcohol you use.
But if you are French, like my husband, you won’t care: you’ll put too much Armagnac, and while your (very wise) wife is telling you that maybe (only maybe) there is too much alcohol in the pan, you begin to lower the pan toward the flames, that’s how you’ll end up: burned air and eyelashes… Not to much, but still burned…

Serves two

500 g of fresh prawns
Thick sour cream

In a hot frying pan cook the prawns until they turn pink. Add enough Armagnac to cover the bottom of the pan. Lover the pan towards the fire and let the Armagnac burn. When the flames are gone add the sour cream and let it heat trough.
Serve it hot and eat it with your fingers, licking them thoroughly!