Ideas for Easter decorations with a French touch

Put on your table Easter decorations with a French touch.

We live in Alsace. Actually, we live in France, yes, but in reality we live in a micro society called Alsace (I personally call it the Alsatian paradox), where a lot of things are done in a different way, in the Alsatian way, that proudly differ from the French way, like religion in school or an intricate dialect or wines that often tend towards the sweet taste.

And in Alsace Easter equals eggs, hens, chicks, rabbits, and other farm animals everywhere, from porches to the bakery ceiling! Decorating is quite big in this Region: often outside houses you see seasonal decoration throughout the year, that reach the highest pick during December: Christmas is a crazy time in Alsace!

For Easter it’s more subtle, more gentle, even more elegant: nice pastel colors, cute animals, flowers…

Here are some ideas to decorate your Easter table with a French touch directly form my Pinterest board dedicated to Easter!

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